Book One

Places We Never Went Book Covers Copyright 2011 Aliza Wiseman All Rights Reserved

Places We Never Went, A Series of Imaginary Events is my first book published in hard copy, e-book and audio book formats (for free listening, visit Aliza Wiseman on Soundcloud).

Light and romantic, playful, warm and humorous, this simple book with colorful illustrations honors the greatest of all treasures in life – friendship, kindness, caring and compassion. This book “fell out” during a time of great challenge and serves as a testament to the power of art therapy, a topic that will become the basis for future work.

Orso is a charming, kind and cheerfully bright light in the universe – a fun-loving, leading character who, no matter what public success (or none) this little book may ever have, has blessed me with a sense of life – something upon which one cannot put a price!

~ Aliza Wiseman