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Going with God

copyright 2013 Aliza Wiseman - Going with God

I’ve tripped into the music; into the spiral; into the arms of eternity; into the infinite white space of your love.  Torn from my container; lifted from my being; rising into flying and seeing beyond the limitations of time and space.  In this one place – place of one – I am with you, and yet, where I have gone, I have gone alone.  It is alone, with you, that I climb the inner ladder…

First, you took away my fear of bridges.  I laughed today, as I crossed over, thinking that I actually wanted it to be a longer bridge!  It’s so incredible, I cannot help but be shocked and amazed, each time I cross over that bridge now.

And, now, I climb the ladder…

Do I look down?


I only keep climbing, into the light.  I can’t not do it.  Whatever it is.  I can’t cry.  I can’t lay down.  I can only rise – laugh – keep going.  You leave me no choice – yet, a CHOICE.  Always a choice.

I choose life.  LIFE.  How close the call – how narrow my road had gotten.  Now, it is an open field, an endless sky and while you have given my container arms, you’ve returned to me my soul, that flies.  It flies to you, dear G-d.  It lifts weightless and free, in your endlessness; your desire; your love.  I could stay here.  Live here.  Be here, endlessly with you.

© 2011 Aliza Wiseman, All Rights Reserved.