Vessel of Nothing Copyright 2011 Aliza Wiseman All Rights ReservedWhat does one do when websites get hacked? Welcome the “setback” as an opportunity to create a-new.

For an artist, the process itself is suddenly brought into focus. Beginning exactly where one is at on the page and allowing oneself to go with the flow is essential. In the case of this creative, the beginning happens to be right here, on this opening page. It is a moment worth smiling at, as I write freely, knowing this writing can be updated and improved at any point; that, at every point, there always exists yet another opportunity to begin again. Smile – because now the beginning moves again, to precisely where the INK makes itself visible on the proverbial page; just as I type.

Isn’t it ironic how we who love words can sometimes get lulled into the notion that INK is the almighty when, in truth, it is only a very small part of any story?

Think about it – everywhere else on any given page is the WHITE SPACE – where everything essential is hidden from the naked eye – where all that ever happens discovers its potential to live and breathe, really.

Many times over the years, I have marveled and remarked at the thought of the periodic table missing what I’ve long felt is the most important element in all the universe – acceptance. It wasn’t until one of my most wise and treasured friends came along that my jaw dropped to the floor – he said it wasn’t missing – “it’s in the white space.”

This marvelous and profound statement caused me to break out into a happy dance!



Yes, it is – it is IN THE WHITE SPACE!

To create – to write, sing, dance, paint, all of it – is to live and breathe – in fact to love – in the context of this great white space. Like musical notes need silence to be heard as anything but monotone or cacophony… Like ink needs its blank page in order to be seen, appreciated and understood… Every soul lives, loves and thrives beyond all measure, ONLY in the context of this, the greatest white space of all – acceptance.

And so I welcome you, dear souls, into this white space with me, where prose and poetry; art and illustrations; thoughts and ruminations may come together in celebration of LIFE!

©2017 Aliza Wiseman, All Rights Reserved.